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  1. We are located at Besta Court along Ngong' Road, in Kiserian town (South of Nairobi)

Homestays Venture

  1. There is more than just being a homestay owner, some of the benefits you will enjoy are:

    • Earning additional income from tourists besides the regular income and sustained employment.
    • Use of Official Government Tourism Brand, linkages and Websites for marketing.
    • Support from the Government in Capacity Building. 
    • Facilitation by the Government in getting loans from financial institutions for the improvement of the existing Homestays or conversion of houses into homestays.
    • Individuals or families who own a house of good quality and wish to accommodate paying guests may spare at least ONE (1) room and up to maximum SIX (6) rooms for tourist accommodation in one house.
    • The approval for registration and licensing will be given only in those cases where the owner/promoter of the unit along with his/her family is physically residing in the same unit or home environment.
    • At least one of the family members should be able to communicate in English.
    • Priority for registration and licensing will be only for operational Homestays.
    • Once the home stay operator applies for registration, it has to be ready for inspection by the government officials.
    • The officials from the Department of Tourism will evaluate the presence of facilities and services against the approved standards guidelines provided for pre qualification for registration and licensing.
    • Licenses will be valid for a period of One (1) year from the date of issue and applications for renewal must be submitted at least Three (3) months before the expiry date of the current license.
    • All initial applications for the registration and licensing must be complete in all respects, and accompanied a certificate from the Local Authority along with the applicable fee. Incomplete application is liable to be rejected.
    • The licensed Homestay units are expected to maintain required standards at all times. The authorized Ministry officials could inspect the same at any time without prior notice.
    • The Ministry inspection officials, based on knowledge and understanding of homestays categorization principles, may recommend a category either higher or lower than the one applied for by the owner.
  2. Economy Level Homestays - Ksh. 1,000

    Standard Level Homestays - Ksh. 2,000

    Eecutive Level Homestays - Ksh. 3,000

  3. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, there are many reasons to choose a homestay instead of other accommodations. Homestays offer:

    • Often cheaper - especially when traveling with family, or in a group.
    • You get Authentic home cooked food
    • A homestay lets you come closer to culturally richer experiences
    • Homestay gives you personalized services
    • Homestays generates income for locals