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Benefits to the Homestay Operators

Posted on 1 March, 2018 by Administrator

Benefits to the Homestay Operators

There is more than just being a homestay owner, some of the benefits you will enjoy are:

  • Earning additional income from tourists besides the regular income and sustained employment.
  • Use of Official Government Tourism Brand, linkages and Websites for marketing.
  • Support from the Government in Capacity Building.
  • Facilitation by the Government in getting loans from financial institutions for the improvement of the existing Homestays or conversion of houses into homestays.

Key Facts of Homestays

Why homestays in Kenya:- 

  • That homestays is an already existing concept and that it was good that ways were being found to regulate its operations as this will help add value to the product
  • There is need to look into the quality of the homes
  • This could form an opportunity to uplift the housing standards of the low income groups with an aim of improving their standards of living 
  • That this is an idea whose time has come and the overriding factor was to actualize the trickle down  as the tourism rich areas have the highest level of absolute poverty i.e help deal with inequalities 
  • The communities are bitter about these inequalities and would want to destroy the tourism product but this concept will encourage them to conserve the product as it will directly benefit them
  • This will assist in product diversification
  • It will enhance a cultural experience as currently the only contact of the guest is the tour driver
  • That the ownership of the product should be felt by the local community
  • That the tourist is currently shifting their expenditure to benefit the local community and this is the best way to ensure this

Brief on Homestays:

KECOBAT has been on a long and tedious process trying to finalize on Homestays Development in Kenya. 

The process has been as follows:

1. Defining and categorizing Homestays  Developing Standards,

2. Operations Guidelines and Accreditation Criteria for Homestays

3. Developing Accreditation Condition and Mechanism of Classification for Various Homestays in the country

4. Establishing Legal framework for recognition and licensing by the government

5. Developing appropriate training modules for Homestays Operators

6. Developing a Central Reservation System for Homestays

7. Establishing a Central Reservation System for Homestays

8. Developing a Marketing Plan for Homestays

Incase you need more information regarding homestays, feel free to contact us