Experience Authentic Kenyan Hospitality


Why a homestay?

What is Homestays Kenya

Homestays Kenya is an initiative of Kenya Community Based Tourism Network (KECOBAT). With travel trends becoming more about experiential holidays, Kenya stands a better chance of reaping from the enthusiastic travelers seeking to touch and enjoy the warmth of rural community lifestyles in the simplest of pleasures sharing in the traditional fresh foods, cultures and language.

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Experience Authentic Accomodation

Homestay is a unique hospitality system in which a visitor stays with a family and as such become a member of the family. It aims at equipping a visitor with the knowledge of the hosts’ way of life such as the agricultural system, folk arts, sculptures sports and cuisine.

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Home stay is a home-away-from-home

A home stay is typically located in a residential area where the Home stay host welcomes one or more guests to share their home. The home owner may have one or more rooms to rent. It is usually a very relaxed type of accommodation, keeping the majority of space for the hosts family.

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